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Hey guys we really need to keep lacey, crystal and their friends in our prayers. just tonight one of their friend's boyfriend died in a car accident.
lets hope he was a christian.
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January 5 2005, 22:34:38 UTC 12 years ago

Thanx Nate



January 6 2005, 02:12:57 UTC 12 years ago

just kidding nate...none of you are sweet in this youth group, why even work so hard to go there honestly?!
this comment must have been written late wednesday night


January 8 2005, 00:07:15 UTC 12 years ago

nope...dern! i mean i (a fort meadian) know how to read dates but i guess that is asking to much of you nathan
look missy I apologized to you and you said you were okay,



January 8 2005, 18:01:55 UTC 12 years ago

look mister! you GUYS were MEAN wednesday night!!!!! don't even try to say ya'll wern't n since this is the whole youth groups LJ this is to every1!
Who was mean besides Shon?
Hey, Nate I would like to be able to post our calendar or other stuff like that here. How can I have access to this community to post stuff and how can I upload calendars or whatever?
Wes, every1 was mean if u didn't notice! But shon was meaner than a few... but shon was the only mean one on sunday...
I know they tease you a lot. Does it bother you? If so(even though they like you), they need to chill out. I do know that they tease people they are fond of, if that's any consolation.
lol shon apparently realized how mean he was n called n appologized lol
that still don't mean he is gunna be n e nicer tonight lol (i don't really ever care)just sumtimes lol but even then i aint mad or n e thing