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alright guys i made this so you could post so you better post
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Ok. I have one suggestion, even though I am not apart of the youth group anymore. PLEASE CHANGE THE COLORS! I know they are Gators' colors and I like the Noles, but I don't care about that. It is hard to read. Thank you. The recent FSC Grad.
change your icon first its freaky
It's Allison Janney, who plays CJ Cregg on "The West Wing." She is my fav person/character on that show. SO NO!



January 21 2005, 20:09:38 UTC 12 years ago

Ok nate i am posting in here...i dunno wut to put in here or n e thing but hey i have now posted...i miss sunday mornings =( FM church's just aint the same... o yea...ur icon really is freaky! and those colors are hard to read lol
Hey I hope Lacey and Crystal are at church tonight. Find a ride! I'll take up donations for gas! ...pray for Shon and his ankle.